We approach social responsibility with the same mindset as we do business: with a purpose-driven mission, with an entrepreneurial approach, and with deep commitment and openness from our teams – from our people expertly handling shipments to those guiding senior management.

We are committed to helping our business segments grow, creating employment opportunities and developing our people, conducting our business with integrity, elevating safety and compliance, giving back to our communities, and being mindful of the planet and our environmental impact on it.

How we want to make a difference


Magnate Worldwide is a diversified supply chain management company, comprised of driven leaders and committed staff that want to ensure the sustainable success for each stakeholder – including our staff, partners, vendors, agents, and clients. All of our staff across Magnate’s family of brands contribute to this purpose and are guided by the C.A.R.E.S. Coalition (C=Community, A=Action, R=Resources, E=Environment, S=Sustainability). Our CARES Coalition leaders come from all different backgrounds, from various regions, across our business segments.

Abed Medawar, CARES Chairman

Masterpiece International

Chanel Cunningham


David Domek

Masterpiece International

Susan Erfesoglou

Masterpiece International

Christophe Esayian

Masterpiece Interntional

Martha Lennartson

Masterpiece International

Andy Heller

Masterpiece International

Becky Wheeler

Magnate Worldwide

Mark Waxman

Magnate Worldwide

Kristi McFarland, Executive Sponsor

Magnate Worldwide

Dante Fornari, Executive Sponsor

Magnate Worldwide

Better Together

When we partner with our customers, we can make even more impact together. What social issues are important to you and your community?

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